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Military branches

Sudanese Peoples Armed Forces (SPAF): Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, Popular Defense Forces (2007)

Military service age and obligation

18-30 years of age for compulsory military service; 2-year service obligation (2006)

Manpower available for military service

males age 18-49: 8,291,695
females age 18-49: 8,135,683 (2005 est.)

Manpower fit for military service

males age 18-49: 5,427,474
females age 18-49: 5,649,566 (2005 est.)

Manpower reaching military service age annually

males age 18-49: 442,915
females age 18-49: 426,320 (2005 est.)

Refugees and internally displaced persons

refugees (country of origin): 116,746 (Eritrea), 20,000 (Chad), 14,633 (Ethiopia), 7,895 (Uganda), 5,023 (Central African Republic)
IDPs: 5,300,000 - 6,200,000 (internal conflict since 1980s; ongoing genocide in Darfur region, IDP registration for return to South Sudan started in 2005) (2006)

Military expenditures percent of gdp

3% (2005 est.)

Disputes international

the effects of Sudans almost constant ethnic and rebel militia fighting since the mid-20th century have penetrated all of the neighboring states; as of 2006, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda provided shelter for over half a million Sudanese refugees, which includes 240,000 Darfur residents driven from their homes by Janjawid armed militia and the Sudanese military forces; Sudan, in turn, hosted about 116,000 Eritreans, 20,000 Chadians, and smaller numbers of Ethiopians, Ugandans, Central Africans, and Congolese as refugees; in February 2006, Sudan and DROC signed an agreement to repatriate 13,300 Sudanese and 6,800 Congolese; Sudan accuses Eritrea of supporting Sudanese rebel groups; efforts to demarcate the porous boundary with Ethiopia proceed slowly due to civil and ethnic fighting in eastern Sudan; the boundary that separates Kenya and Sudans sovereignty is unclear in the Ilemi Triangle, which Kenya has administered since colonial times; while Sudan claims to administer the Halaib Triangle north of the 1899 Treaty boundary along the 22nd Parallel; both states withdrew their military presence in the 1990s, and Egypt has invested in and effectively administers the area; periodic violent skirmishes with Sudanese residents over water and grazing rights persist among related pastoral populations along the border with the Central African Republic

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