The biggest cities of country: Sudan

founded: 94 cities
Name Population Altitude Latitude Longitude
Umm Durman :2 810 328
15°38'10.0" N32°26'13.9" E
Khartoum :1 974 780379 m15°35'17.2" N32°32'3.1" E
Omdurman :1 200 000389 m15°38'10.0" N32°26'13.9" E
Warab :966 902408 m8°7'60.0" N28°37'0.1" E
Kassala :401 514532 m15°27'20.9" N36°23'56.0" E
Al Ubayyid :393 311610 m13°10'59.9" N30°13'0.1" E
Kusti :345 102378 m13°10'0.1" N32°40'0.1" E
Wad Madani :332 752412 m14°24'0.0" N33°31'59.9" E
Al Fashir :252 609753 m13°37'59.9" N25°21'0.0" E
Ad Damazin :186 051493 m11°46'0.1" N34°21'0.0" E
Juba :163 455551 m4°50'60.0" N31°37'0.1" E
Al Junaynah :162 981757 m13°26'60.0" N22°26'60.0" E
Malakal :160 893277 m9°32'13.0" N31°39'22.0" E
Rabak :135 389362 m13°9'0.0" N32°43'59.9" E
Sinnar :130 138
13°33'0.0" N33°37'59.9" E
Sannar :130 122396 m13°33'0.0" N33°37'59.9" E
El Managil :128 297412 m14°15'0.0" N32°58'59.9" E
Waw :127 400430 m7°42'0.0" N28°0'0.0" E
An Nuhud :108 008570 m12°41'60.0" N28°25'59.9" E
Atbara :107 930357 m17°41'49.9" N33°58'41.9" E
Ad Damir :103 941362 m17°35'34.1" N33°57'33.1" E
Kaduqli :87 677493 m11°1'0.1" N29°43'0.1" E
Kadugli :87 666493 m11°1'0.1" N29°43'0.1" E
Ad Duwem :87 068377 m14°0'0.0" N32°19'0.1" E
Um Ruaba :55 742447 m12°54'0.0" N31°13'0.1" E
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