Turkish Van (Cat)

The Turkish Van is a natural breed from a rugged, remote and climatically varied region. It is a solidly-built, semi-longhaired cat with great breadth to the chest and hips.

General: The Turkish Van is a natural breed from a rugged, remote and climatically varied region. It is a solidly-built, semi-longhaired cat with great breadth to the chest and hips. The strength and power of the cat is evidenced in its substantial body and legs. The breed is known for its unique pattern which is very distinctive... the term "van" has been adopted by a variety of breeds to describe white cats with colored head and tail markings.

Head: Wide, moderately short wedge, substantially broad to harmonize with the large muscular body, ears are not to be included in the wedge. Prominent cheekbones; gentle slope in the nose profile. Firm chin in line with the nose and upper lip; rounded muzzle.

Ears: Moderately large to large, set fairly high and well apart, wide at the base. Tips are slightly rounded. Insides should be well-feathered.

Eyes: The eyes are large, with a peach pit shape, set at a slant, equal distant from the outside base of the ear to the tip of the nose. Eyes should be clear, alert and expressive. Color - amber, blue and odd-eye.

Body: The body should be long, sturdy, broad, muscular and deep-chested. Mature males should exhibit marked muscular development in the neck and shoulders. The shoulders should be at least as broad as the head, and flow into the well-rounded ribcage. The body continues into a broad and muscular hip and pelvic area. Turkish Van males are substantially larger than females and exhibit much greater development. The females and kittens often tend to have a foxier look due to lack of jowling. This breed takes a full 3 to 5 years to reach full maturity and development - therefore allowances must be made for age and sex. Despite age and sex, as adults, individuals should convey an overall impression of a well-balanced and well-proportioned appearance in which no feature is exaggerated to foster weakness or extremes. Kittens may appear unbalanced.

Legs and Feet: Legs are trim and muscular with medium boning and tapering to neat round feet with tufted toes. Forelegs are medium in length, back legs are longer. Males have heavier and substantial leg boning. The set of the pelvis is very wide, and creates a characteristic swaggering gait when the cat is moving.

Tail: The tail is a brush or plume with fur two inches or longer in adults. It is strongly ringed in tabbied colors in kittens, less so in adults. Length is medium, and in proportion with body. It is thick and very muscular. The color extends the entire length, and may extend up the rump onto the back. Color is darker above than below. ALLOW FOR: pale or white spot at tip of tail. Penalize: short or whip tail.

Coat: The coat is semi-longhair with a cashmere-like texture; soft to the roots with no trace of undercoat. Due to the extremes in climate of their native region, the breed sports two distinctive coat lengths according to the season. The summer coat is short, conveying the appearance of a shorthair; the winter coat is substantially longer and thicker, possibly even a double or triple coat. There is feathering on the ears, legs, feet and belly. Facial fur is short. A frontal neck ruff and full brush tail become more pronounced with age and only attain full development in the mature cat. The above description is that of an adult, kittens often have very short coats and "pencil" tails. The Turkish Van should be presented in excellent physical condition - firm and muscular.

Color and Pattern: The body should be a glistening chalk white. Colored markings confined to the head and tail are desirable, although one or more random markings. up to color on 20% of the entire body, are permissible. Random markings should not be of a size or number to detract from the van pattern, making a specimen appear harlequin or bicolor. A blaze, (a white streak up the nose) to at least between the front edge of the ears is desirable.

Condition: The cat should be clean and well groomed. It should give the appearance of a healthy, firm, muscular and well-proportioned cat. Males should be large and imposing, females more petite, medium sized, and well balanced. The cat should be amenable to handling. The balance should reflect strength and power.

NFA: Poor condition; extremely bad temperament; total absence of color on the head or tail; definite nose break; genetic/skeletal defects such as flattened ribcage, kinked tail, incorrect number of toes, crossed-eyes.

Accepted Colors:
Auburn (red) Tabbied
Pattern may be classic or mackerel
usually tabbied
may or may not be tabbied
may or may not be tabbied
may or may not be tabbied
may or may not be tabbied
Dilute Calico
may or may not be tabbied

Revised 7/93

Source: AACE >>>

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Photo: Turkish Van (Cat)
Turkish Van (Cat)

Photo: Turkish Van (Cat)
Turkish Van (Cat)

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