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Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair American Curl (Cat) - The distinctive feature of the American curl breed is their uniquely curled ears, set on the corners of the head.
We are looking this photo. HELP ! Highland Fold (Cat) - The Highland Fold is a hybrid cat and best described as a longhair Scottish Fold.
We are looking this photo. HELP ! Japanese Bobtail Longhair (Cat) - The Japanese Bobtail should present the overall impression of a medium sized cat with long clean lines and bone structure, well-muscled but straight and slender, rather than massive in build.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Maine coon (cat) - The maine coon is a working cat, muscular, solid, medium to large in size with the look of the wild. males may be larger, females are usually smaller.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Norwegian Forest (Cat) - The head of the Norwegian Forest Cat is a equilateral triangle calculated from the outer bases of the areas, across the top of the head and to the front of the muzzle.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Ragdoll (Cat) - Large, heavy boned semi-longhaired cat. Full maturity of color is not achieved until 2 years and full weight and size may not be reached until 4 years.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Siberian (cat) - The overall appearance of the ideal siberian cat is one of great strength and power modified by a seet facial expression. the general impression of body type is one of circles and curves rather than the rectangles and triangles of some similar breeds.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Turkish Angora (Cat) - The ideal Turkish Angora is a balanced, graceful cat with a fine, silky coat that shimmers with every movement, in contrast to the firm, long muscular body beneath it.
Cats: Category II - Semi & Longhair Turkish Van (Cat) - The Turkish Van is a natural breed from a rugged, remote and climatically varied region. It is a solidly-built, semi-longhaired cat with great breadth to the chest and hips.

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