Tonkinese (Cat)

The Tonkinese is a medium, moderate, non-extreme cat. It should not look like a bad version of either of its component breeds (Siamese or Burmese), but a pleasing blend of the best aspects of those breeds in absolute moderation, resulting in a distinctly different look all its own.

General: The Tonkinese is a medium, moderate, non-extreme cat. It should not look like a bad version of either of its component breeds (Siamese or Burmese), but a pleasing blend of the best aspects of those breeds in absolute moderation, resulting in a distinctly different look all its own.

Head: A modified wedge, slightly longer than it is wide, with high, gently planed cheekbones; the brow, cheek and profile all showing clean, gently curved contours. Muzzle blunt, neither excessively rounded nor pointed, with a definite whisker break. Head and ears give impression of an equilateral triangle from ear tips to chin when viewed from front. Allowance to be made for jowls in adult males. The profile shows slight convex curve (slight doming) of the forehead from top of head to just above eyes, dipping to a slight stop at or just below eye level, with no appearance of a break. Nose shows very slight convex curvature. Chin neither prominent nor weak.

Ears: Medium in size, broad at base, with oval tips. Pricked forward. Alert. Set as much on the sides of the head as on the top. Hair on ears very short and close lying. Leather may show through.

Eyes: Almond shaped, slightly rounded on the bottom. Set at least an eye's size, in proportion to the head. Eye color aqua, bluish-green to green-blue, in dark color cats; bluish-green to blue-greenish-gold in dilute color cats. Deep, clear, brilliant mid-range colors preferred. Tonkinese eye color is best determined in natural light, with allowance for incomplete development in cats under the age of one year.

Body: Conformation is mid-point between the extremes of long, svelte body types and short cobby body types, with balance and proportion more important than size alone. Torso a medium length rectangle, appearing neither compact nor rangy; chest medium width, rounding gently in front. Flanks level. Back rises slightly from shoulders to rump. Solid, well-developed, clean-lined musculature, with abdomen taut and firm. Adult males may have quite muscular neck and shoulders, and are proportionately larger than females.

Legs and Feet: Moderately slim, proportionate in length and bone structure to the body. Hind legs slightly longer than front. Paws more oval than round.

Tail: Medium to medium long, in proportion to body, tapering gently to slightly blunted tip.

Coat: Medium short. Soft, fine, close lying, with a lustrous sheen.

Color and Markings: Body color should be rich, even, and unmarked, shading gently to a somewhat lighter hue on under parts of all colors. Hair may appear lighter at roots on body. Mink: body color a lighter shade of point color, showing definite contrast to points. Solid body color: more or less comparable throughout, with minimal amount of slightly darker shading on extremities allowed in mature cats, (non-contrasted preferred); more contrast in immature cats allowed. There is a very little, if any, contrast from points to body color. Pointed body color shaded neutral lacking in color on under parts, showing very marked contrast to points. Tonkinese dilutes often have warm fawn tones on pointed body color may be slightly deeper and more shaded than on equivalent-color Siamese. Color should be comparable on mask, ears, feet and tail. Points to be dense and clearly marked but merging gently into body color on minks, particularly on legs; except in kittens, there should be leg gauntlets and tracings connecting mask to ears; mask should cover entire face, but not extend over top of head like a hood. Mask definition from minks also true for pointed cats. Allow for lighter body color, greater contrast in solid cats. Allow slight barring on lower legs and tail only in cats under eighteen months of age. Allow for darkening with age, particularly on back and hips, but a definite contrast to points must be maintained in mink and pointed colors.

Condition and Balance: The appearance of an alert, healthy, well-balanced cat is essential. Musculature should be firm and well toned, with no evidence of obesity or emaciation. Dullness of eyes and lack of coat luster are evidence of poor condition.

Penalize: Barring in mature cats. Short muzzle. Long muzzle. Yellow or gold eyes without any bluish or greenish tone whatsoever in immature cats.

NFA: White locket or button. Yellow or gold eyes without any bluish or greenish tones whatsoever, on any mature cat. Round head with protuberant round eyes. Straight or roman profile.

Accepted Colors:
Natural Solid
Natural Mink
Natural Pointed
Blue Solid
Blue Mink
Blue Pointed
Champagne Solid
Champagne Mink
Champagne Pointed
Platinum Solid
Platinum Mink
Platinum Pointed

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Photo: Tonkinese (Cat)
Tonkinese (Cat)

Photo: Tonkinese (Cat)
Tonkinese (Cat)

Photo: Tonkinese (Cat)
Tonkinese (Cat)

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