Snowshoe (Cat)

The Snowshoe is a medium cat that combines the heftiness of its domestic shorthair ancestors with the length of its oriental ancestors. It is a well-balanced cat overall, firm and muscular.

General: The Snowshoe is a medium cat that combines the heftiness of its domestic shorthair ancestors with the length of its oriental ancestors. It is a well-balanced cat overall, firm and muscular. It gives the appearance of great power and agility, yet has the look of a runner rather than a weight lifter. The unique combination of the pointed pattern, the white spotting and the moderate body type sets the Snowshoe apart from other breeds. When the white pattern is symmetrically marked against the dark points, the cat is most striking. Also striking is the snowshoe's sparkling and affectionate personality. COLOR AND PATTERN SHALL BE OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO TYPE AND BUILD

Head: The head is as wide as it is long, slightly rounded, of medium size, and in good proportion and visual balance with the rest of the body. Cheek-bones are set high. The nose should be of good length, neither extremely broad nor pointed, and in proportion to the rest of the head. The forehead should be a flat plane rising slightly above the muzzle giving the appearance of two distinct, parallel planes, no less than the width of an eye between the eyes. When the whiskers are smoothed back, the underlying bone structure is evident. Allowances are to be made for stud jowls in older males. Penalize: Extreme head length, muzzle either too pointed or too broad, extreme rounded or "apple headed" appearance, extreme muzzle pinch.

Ears: Medium is size, alert, slightly rounded at the tip, and broad at the base. Set forward from the outside of the head giving continuing line from the head to the ears. Penalize: Small rounded ears.

Eyes: Large and walnut shaped with rounded end larger in diameter than the almond eye, but still with greater length than width. Should be slanted in line with the flow from the nose to base of ear. Penalize: Small or severely slanted eyes, round eyes. Color - blue only.

Body: The rectangular body should be of medium size; females may be slightly smaller than males, but not frail or dainty in appearance. The body should be medium boned, well muscled, powerful and heavily built. Long, but not too extreme. Neck length should be medium, in proportion with the head and body. Penalize: Long, slender neck; body of extreme length; sleek, dainty or small in appearance.

Legs and Feet: Legs should be of good length, in proportion with the body; with medium boning. Feet should be medium in size with a short oval shape; five toes in front, four in back. Penalize: Fine boning, extreme length out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Tail: Thick at the base, tapering slightly and gradually to the end. Length should be medium to long, appearing to be at least as long as the body and should be measured along the back leg. Should be in proportion with the overall size of the cat. Penalize: Thin or whip-like tail.

Coat: Short to medium short and healthy in appearance. Penalize: Double or plush coat.

Color: Body color should be of an even coloration with subtle shading allowed on shoulders, back and hips, toning to a lighter shade near the chest and stomach. A few white hairs in the points, possibly caused by past illness are not to be confused with definite patches or spots. White on the underside of the head, throat, body and upper-most part of the inner thighs commonly occurs and should not be penalized or credited. Allowances should be made for darker colors in older cats as they generally darken with age, There must, however, always be a definite contrast between the body color and the points. Kittens generally are lighter in color.

Pattern: The color of the mask, tail, ears and legs should be dense and clearly defined. They should all be of the same shade. The mask will cover the entire face (except in white pattern areas) and may be connected to the ears by tracings. It often takes on the appearance of the Lone Ranger's face mask. Color patterns consist of the "preferred white" patterning and "accepted minimum/maximum" white patterning. Amount of penalty shall be determined by the amount of deviation from the preferred pattern. The preferred facial pattern shall consist of a white muzzle in the shape of an inverted "V", extending from the mouth to the whisker tufts above the eyes. Acceptable minimum/maximum patterns shall allow as little white as only a pronounced mustache or an unbroken blaze to a "V" as broad as halfway under the eyes (directly below), no pink eyelids, with or without a white chin. The wider the variation from the preferred pattern, the more objectionable it becomes. The preferred foot markings shall consist of even white boots extending to the bend of the ankle on the front feet and even white boots extending to just below the hock joint on the back feet. Acceptable minimum/maximum on the back feet shall consist of white from 1/4 inch above the toes to as high as 1/4 inch above the hock joint at its point. White on the feet should be even (i.e.; both front feet of the same height and both back feet of the same height) and as regular as possible. Patterning should be solid white. Nose leather and paw pads may be either pink or point color, or a combination of the two. In case of a tie, preference should always be given to the preferred pattern. Penalize: Penalize irregularities or runners in or outside the pattern outlines or asymmetrical markings. Also penalize point color, or spots inside the pattern, or lack of point color above the white pattern on any leg. Amount of penalty shall be determined by the amount of deviation from the preferred pattern.

Eye Color: Bright, sparkling blue which stands out against the contrasting color of the points. Penalize: Pale, dull color.

Condition: Hard and muscular with no indication of fat or emaciation. An appearance of good health and vitality. When lifted, the cat should have heft. While being a long animal, the look should not be svelte, but rather suggest great power and activity as well as agility.

NFA: Crossed eyes; Incorrect number of toes; Kinked tail; Long coat; Light, dark or colored spots as opposed to shading on any part of the body. White should not occur on any part of the body, including the tail and ears, except as described in the pattern and color descriptions. Point color so extensive within the pattern that the pattern is obscured. Lack of white or white higher than that described in the pattern descriptions for legs and feet. Eye color other than blue.

Accepted Colors:
Seal Point
Blue Point

Revised 7/93

Source: AACE >>>

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Snowshoe (Cat)

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