Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

Slovakian hound is a spirited temperament. extraordinarily developed sense of direction.

FCI-standard N° 244 /19.08.1996 / GB

(Slovenskў Kopov)

TRANSLATION : Mrs. C.Seidler.

ORIGIN : Slovakia.


UTILIZATION: This breed is distinguished through its enduring hours-long following of a warm trail or scent while giving tongue. Also distinguished by its keenness and therefore used in its native country for hunting wild boar and predatory.

CLASSIFICATION FCI : Group 6 Scenthounds and related
Section 1.2 Medium sized hounds.
With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Always solid black with tan markings. Lightish body build, yet solid bone structure. Longish rectangle.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Spirited temperament. Extraordinarily developed sense of direction.


Skull : Flat domed top skull ; shape of a longish rectangle. Superciliary ridges and frontal furrow marked; occipital protuberance hardly marked. The direction of the axes of the muzzle
and of the skull is parallel.
Stop : Forms an angle of about 45°.

Nose : Always black in colour, relatively large, moderately tapering;
nostrjls moderately open.
Muzzle : Bridge of nose straight, in keeping with the skull long and not too broad.
Lips : Not overlapping, close fittfng with noticeable opened corner of
Jaw / Theeth : Jaws of regular shape, firm, with well developed complete bite.
Eyes : Dark, set in somewhat deep. Show liveliness and courage. Eyelids always black; almond shaped.
Leathers : Set on somewhat above the line of the eyes, carried flat along the head, with rounded tip and of medium length.

NECK : Well set, carried at an angle of 135°, rather short, muscular
and without loose skin.

Back : Straight, medium long.
Loin : Not too long, suitably broad, firm and muscular.
Croup : Not too long, medium breadth, rounded.
Chest : Forechest broad and well developed. Medium depth, suitably
broad and appropriately long. Ribs arched, set slanting.
Belly and flanks : Moderately tucked up.

TAIL : Set on somewhat low, below the upper line ; fittingly strong,
tapering to the tip and reaching to the hock. Pendant in repose; curved upwards in sabre shape to a height of 150° when alert.


Shoulder-blade and upperarm : Rather short, well developed, muscular. Angle at shoulder joint about 110°.
Forearm : In vertical position, dry.
Pastern joint : Short.
Pastern : Not too long. somewhat sloping.
Forefeet : Oval; well arched toes; nails always black and strong. Pads dark and well developed.

Upper thigh : Sufficiently broad; fittingly long, muscu1ar.
Lower thigh : Broad, appropriate in 1ength, well muscled.
Hock joint : Set on in a height of about 15 cm, moderately broad. Angle of hock about 150°.
Hock : About 8 cm long, moderate1y slanting forward ; no dewc1aws.
Hind feet : Oval; toes tight and well arched; pads well developed and black.

SKIN : Dark brown to black, close fitting without folds or loose skin.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Lively and balanced.


HAIR : 2-5 cm long, medium coarse, close fitting and dense; longer on back, neck and tail. Undercoat dense, especially during winter months, but must not be lacking in summer.

COLOUR : Black with brown to mahogany coloured tan markings on limbs.

Height at withers for dogs 45 to 50 cm.
Height at withers for bitches 40 to 45 cm.
Weight : 15 to 20 kg.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
Heavy, clumsy, stocky build.
Head too heavy.
Lips overlapping.
Incomplete bite.
Over- or undershot mouth.
light eye, eyelids loose or too tight.
Leathers too light, pointed.
Loose skin on neck (throatiness).
Soft back.
Flat ribcage (serious fault) .
Remarkably too long tail, tail carriage above topline even in repose.
Incorrect position of limbs.
Soft feet.
Coat too short, without undercoat; coat too long, wavy.
Colour other than black, white markings, unclear boundary of tan markings.

Weight 16 kg
Height at withers for a dog 46 cm
Height at withers for a bitch 43 cm
Overall length of the head 22 cm
Length of the bridge of nose 9 cm
Length of the skull. 13 cm
Width of the skul1 10,5 cm
Width of the chest 16,5 cm
Height of the chest 22 cm
Depth of the chest 31,5 cm
Length of body 55 cm
Girth of chest behind last rib 54 cm

Angle of the shoulder 110°
Angle of the elbow 140°
Angle of the hip 130°
Angle of the stif1e 130°
Angle of hock joint 145°

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Males should have two apparently normal testicles fully
descended into the scrotum.

Source: FCI >>>

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Photo: Slovakian hound (Dog standard)
Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

Photo: Slovakian hound (Dog standard)
Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

Photo: Slovakian hound (Dog standard)
Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

Photo: Slovakian hound (Dog standard)
Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

Photo: Slovakian hound (Dog standard)
Slovakian hound (Dog standard)

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