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South russian shepherd dog (Dog standard)

South russian shepherd dog is a robust, lean, with massive bone structure and a strongly developed musculature.

FCI-Standard N 326 / 16. 09. 1996

SOUTH RUSSIAN SHEPHERD DOG (Ioujnorousskaïa Ovtcharka)

TRANSLATION : Mrs. Peggy Davis.

ORIGIN : Russia.



The Ovtcharka of meridional Russia is a dog of robust constitution, of above average size; he is fierce and distrustful of strangers, not very demanding and adapts easily to diverse climatic conditions and temperatures.

Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).
Section 1 Sheepdogs.
Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Robust, lean, with massive bone structure and a strongly developed musculature.
Faults: Frail constitution, bones too light, insufficient musculature; constitution of coarse or gross appearance.
Sexual type: Well evident according to sex. The males are courageous, stronger and more massive than the females.
Faults: Females of male type.
Severe faults: Effeminate type male.

- Index of bone structure: Males 17 - 19; Females 16 - 18
- Length index (Format): 108 - 110.
Faults: Slight divergences of the given norm.
Severe faults: Accentuated divergences of the given norms (square shape or very elongated).

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Type of highly nervous activity, strong, balanced, lively. Dominant action active way of defense.
Faults: Excessive excitability, timidity, laziness.
Severe faults: Uncontrolled excitability, cowardice.

HEAD: Elongated shape with a moderately broad forehead; the occipital crest and the zygomatic arches are strongly pronounced.

The stop is barely visible.

The nose is big, black.
Faults: Coarse head, accentuated stop, superciliary arches prominent, muzzle too short or too elongated, gray lips; nose gray or brown.

Severe faults: Narrow muzzle, weak, turned up, of truncated shape. Pink nose.
Teeth: White, big, fitting closely. The incisors are set regularly and close in scissor bite.
Faults: Teeth too small and spaced, yellow or prematurely worn. Broken teeth but not impeding a correct closure of the jaws.
Lack of premolars.
Severe faults: Everything which does not correspond to a perfect closure of the teeth In scissor bite. Decayed teeth. Incisors set Irregularly.
Ears: Relatively small, of triangular shape, hanging.
Faults: Detached ears.
Eyes: Oval shape, set horizontally, dark; the eyelids lean, tight.
Faults: Light eyes.
Severe faults: Eyes of different colors, pink eyelids.

NECK: Lean, muscular, of moderate length, set high. Faults: Neck too short, set low.

Withers: Apparent but not high.
Back: Straight and strong.
Faults: Weak back or roach-back.
Severe faults: Saddle back or humped.
Loin: Short, broad, rounded.
Faults: Slightly elongated, straight or too rounded.
Severe faults: Long, narrow, drooping.
Chest: Reasonably broad, slightly flattened, deep.
Faults: Chest insufficiently let down (above the elbow).
Severe faults: Narrow chest, too small, barrel shaped.
Belly: Moderately tucked up.
Faults: Excessively whippety or sagging.

FEET: (Front and back): oval shaped, strong, well arched, covered with long hair.
Faults: Flat feet, splayed feet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: The gaits are free and extended. The natural gaits of this dog are the heavy trot and the gallop. At the trot, the legs move in a straight line with a slight convergence to the median line. The articulations of the fore- and hindquarters straightening up freely.
Faults: Slight lateral deviation in the movement of the legs. Insufficient straightening up of the articulations.
Severe faults: Restrained gait, lack in action.


HAIR: Long (10-15 cm), coarse, thick, dense, of equal length on head, chest, legs and tail, with a well developed undercoat.
Faults: Straight hair.
Severe faults: Short hair, soft texture.

COLOUR: Most often white, but also white and yellow, straw color, grayish (ashen gray) and other shades of gray; white lightly marked with gray; gray speckled.
Severe faults: Black, rushy or brown coat; strongly speckled.

HEIGHT AT WITHERS: Males a minimum of 65 cm. Females: a minimum of 62 cm.
Faults: Size of less than 65 cm for the males, less than 62 cm for the females.
Severe faults: Size of less than 60 cm for the males, less than 58 cm for the females.

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault is regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.


- Everything which does not correspond to a correct closure of jaws in scissor bite.
- Hair short or straight.
- All the shades of the coat which have not been taken into consideration in the present standard.

Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.