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Bandog (bandogge)

The bandogge is an extremely intelligent dog. confident and very docile. like all mastiffs, they should have an owner who is fairly dormant.

History: The Bandog philosophy of breeding has existed just about as long as domestic dogs themselves. Mankind developed fleet, nimble hunting dogs that fulfill the purposes of the semi-nomadic hunter-gathers, through to the large breeds that guard settlements and livestock. The progression toward breeding these heavier dogs to the smaller, more athletic dogs producing a medium type has been a natural process that has independently occurred across several geographic regions. The resultant dogs proving to be more flexible across a greater variety of tasks. Bandogs have been used primarily for big game hunting and as guard dogs throughout the centuries. The first most organized and well documented approach and application of the Bandog was done by the British “Gamekeepers” whose “Gamekeeper’s Night dog” fulfilled the role of patrol companion and ‘despatch dog’ (capturing wounded game so that they could be dispatched without undue suffering). The Gamekeepers Night Dog had an extremely dangerous job that often cost it its life. It had to locate and fight armed “Poachers” who would often find themselves fighting these dogs for their lives. In the 1820’s, the “caught” poacher could see one shipped off to the colonies of Australia or America, if they were lucky, such punishments however, made desperate men. In France, similar types of dogs were bred to partake of similar roles, the parallels even extending to nomenclature: Chien du Nuit..

The Bandogge is a wonderful family protector, watch dog and companion. They are a powerful breed, strong willed and quick to learn. Highly intellegant. We breed the European style, NOT the American Bandogge. Our Bandogges are bred from our finest Cane Corso males to our Neapolitan females. The Bandogge is widely known in Europe and has been bred for centuries.

Bandogges come in various colors, blue, black, mahagony, chestnut and brindled patterns.

A Bandog/Bandogge is any type of mastiff crossed with any type of bull breed. The word comes from the saxon word banda for chain. It was used to refer to watch dogs who were chained up by day and let loose at night to guard. The most common mixes are Neapolitan Mastiffs to APBT's or AB's, but any mastiff to any bull breed can be considered a Bandog. They are bred to be a more agile protection dog than purebred mastiffs that have had their working qualities bred out of them by kennel clubs.