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York (Cat)

York (Cat) is a medium to large in size, long with substantial bone structure and firm musculature.

Body: Medium to large in size, long with substantial bone structure and firm musculature. Medium to long neck. Chest and shoulders are never wider than hips. Legs are long and svelte. The paws are medium-sized and oval in shape, showing toe tufting. Hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The tail is medium to long in length, broad at base and slightly tapering to a rounded tip with full, flowing hair.

Head: Medium in size, looking a little small in proportion to the body. Modified wedge in shape, starts at the nose and flares out to the tip of the ears. Long, medium in breadth and straight nose, of even width, with a little dip in profile at the eye level. The forehead is slightly rounded. Well-defined, elongated, smoothly contoured muzzle, with a little suggestion of
squareness and of medium length. Firm, gently contoured chin in line with the nose and upper lip.

Ears: Large, moderately pointed, flared, broad at base, tilting slightly forward, welltufting inside. Set no less than one ear's width apart, continuing lines of the wedge.

Eyes: Medium in size, oval in shape, slanted slightly downward toward the nose, in harmony with lines of the wedge. Eyes are at least one eye's length between them. Eye colour in a range from gold, hazel or green, with the more richness and depth of colour the better.

Coat: Medium in length, fine and glossy, falling smoothly along the body. The texture is soft and silky with well-developed undercoat and no evidence of woolness. Coat is shorter on shoulders, gradually lengthening. A small frontal ruff is desirable.

Colour: Recognized colours are chocolate, lilac and both with white. Colour should be uniform all over the body, sound and even to the roots, free from shading, rustiness, white hairs or tabby markings in adults. Allowance would be made only for ghost tabby marking in kittens up to 10 month.

Penalize: White locked or belly button in solid-coloured cat.

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