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Himalayan (Cat)

The Himalayan should resemble the Persian in type, confirmation, coat length and texture.

General: The Himalayan should resemble the Persian in type, confirmation, coat length and texture. The Pointed Himalayan has the eye color, coat color and pattern of the Siamese. The non-pointed Himalayan has the eye color, coat color and pattern of the Persian. Any similarity in type to the Siamese is undesirable.

Head: Round and massive with great breadth of skull. Round face with round underlying bone structure. Head well set on short, thick neck. Jaws broad and powerful, with cheeks full and prominent. In profile, forehead, nose and chin should appear to form a perpendicular line. Nose snub, as broad as it is long, and with a break. Break to be no higher than the middle of the eye. Top of nose leather no higher than the middle of the eye. Chin well developed. OBJECTION: Long, narrow head, long nose, thin muzzle or visible bite deformity.

Ears: Small, round-tipped, tilted forward and not unduly open at the base. Set far apart and low on the head fitting into, and without distorting the rounded contour of the head. OBJECTION: Ears large, pointed, set too close.

Eyes: Large, round, and full. Set wide apart, giving sweet expression to the face. OBJECTION: Small, oriental or slanted eyes. See ESH Standard for Color.

Body: Cobby in type - low on the legs, deep in the chest, equally massive across the shoulders and rump. Back level, short, rounded midsection. Medium to large in size. Quality and proportion the determining consideration.

Legs and Feet: legs should be short thick and heavily boned. Forelegs should slant inward very slightly from breadth of chest adding to a sturdy appearance. Feet should be large, round and firm with toes close together; five in front, four behind. OBJECTION: Light boning, long or bowed legs, small or oval feet.

Tail: Short, straight, but in proportion to the body. Carried without a curve and at an angle lower than the back. OBJECTION: Long tail.

Coat: Long and thick, standing off from the body. Of fine texture, glossy and full of life. Long all over the body, including the shoulders. Ruff immense and continuing in a deep frill between the front legs. Ear and toe tufts long. Tail full. Seasonal variations of the coat shall be recognized.

Condition and Balance: Firm in the flesh, but not fat; well-balanced physically and temperamentally, gentle and amenable to handling. Medium to large in size. Heavily boned, short-coupled, broad through the chest and rump with short, sturdy legs, giving the impression of robust power.

NFA: Eyes any other color than blue in pointeds, green in silver tabby and golden tabby non-pointeds; and copper in all other non-pointeds. Crossed eyes. Kinked tail or any tail abnormality. Lack of break. White toes or feet, locket or button. Incorrect number of toes. Apparent weakness in hindquarters. Deformity of skull and/or mouth.

Accepted Colors:
Solid Point
Lynx Point
Tortie Point
Lilac Point
Lilac Lynx Point
Lilac Tortie Point
Blue Point
Blue Lynx Point
Blue Tortie Point
Chocolate Point
Chocolate Lynx Point
Chocolate Tortie Point
Seal Point
Seal Lynx Point
Seal Tortie Point
Cream Point
Cream Lynx Point
Red Point
Red Lynx Point
Tortie Lynx Point
Lilac Tortie Lynx Point
Blue Tortie Lynx Point
Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point
Seal Tortie Lynx Point
Chocolate Tabby
Blue Patched Tabby
Silver Tabby
Brown Patched Tabby
Golden Tabby
Lilac Patched Tabby
Chocolate Patched Tabby
Blue Mackerel Tabby
Cream Mackerel Tabby
Blue Tabby
Red Mackerel Tabby
Lilac Tortoiseshell
Cream Tabby
Brown Mackerel Tabby
Chocolate Tortoiseshell
Red Tabby
Lilac Mackerel Tabby
Lilac Tabby
Chocolate Mackerel Tabby
Golden Mackerel Tabby

Revised 7/93

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