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American association of enthusiasts (aace)

American association of the enthusiasts (aace) recognizes 47 breeds in the championship/alter classes, and has a household pet class. since 1993 aace has registered over 20,000 cats, 1,500 catteries, and has 50 member clubs.

(AACE) was founded in 1993.
Our goal is to give exhibitors a Cat Show, which is rewarding and fun, to give the exhibitor a fair appraisal of their cat, while making sure that the judge is treated fairly and is not under pressure to follow any political groups directions. The judges we have assembled are among the best in the fancy, as are the cats that exhibit with us. They will take the time to answer your questions, and continue to keep the cat our number one priority.

Our exhibitors are willing to talk to you, whether you want to know the basics or are thinking about breeding, we have the friendliest bunch around.

AACE recognizes 47 Breeds in the Championship/Alter classes, and has a Household Pet class. Since 1993 AACE has registered over 20,000 cats, 1,500 catteries, and has 50 member clubs.

Our cat show year is from November 1st to October 31st of every year. Each cat show year, member clubs hold between 10 and 12 AACE sanctioned cat cat shows.

The forgotten person in many associations is the exhibitor who has been paying more and more for less and less. Arbitrary rules used in other cat associations, force clubs to pass unnecessary costs on to the exhibitor, such rules are not used in AACE. With fairness in mind, our By-Laws and Show Rules were written. All of our Show Rules are voted upon by the show clubs, no new rules will be enforced that will place a burden on the clubs. Changes or additions to our By-Laws, are voted upon by our membership, giving each member a voice in our association

www: www.aaceinc.org