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Chartreux (cat)

Being a large cat, the Chartreux male may weigh from 10-14 pounds.

General: Being a large cat, the Chartreux male may weigh from 10-14 pounds. Its well proportioned body is robust with large muscular shoulders and a well developed chest, giving it a solid, sturdy appearance. In balance with the body, the head is large, broad, but not round, with a narrow muzzle, but not pointed. It is a solid cat, muscular, lithe, calm, affectionate, intelligent and easily handled.

Head and Neck: Head large and broad but not round. Nose short and straight with very slight break. Muzzle narrow in relation to head, but is not pointed. Cheeks well developed in adult male. Neck short, strong and heavy set. Powerful jaw, especially in adult males over two years. Sweet smiling expression. Penalize: Nose longer than head is wide, severe nose break or humped nose.

Ears: Small to medium ears set high with slightly rounded tips. Inside furnishings cover one-half of ear. Extremely fine coat on outer ear.

Eyes: Large, round, very expressive. Color range, pale gold to copper

Penalize: Almond shaped eyes; eyes too close together giving angry look.

Body and Tail: Body large, well proportioned, robust but not gross. Shoulders large and muscular. Well developed chest giving solid, sturdy appearance. Tail heavier at base, tapering slightly to tip. Males much more massive than females.

Legs and Feet: Legs straight, finely boned and comparatively short for body size. Feet small and round. Five toes in front and four in back.

Coat: Coat texture is dense, soft and plush, and of medium length.

Color: Blue only. Any shade of solid blue with silver highlights. Nose coat is silver gray on blue leather. Blue lips. Foot pads are rose-taupe. Allowance to be made for faint striping and tail rings in kittens and young adults. Tail rings sometimes persist until two years of age.

Accepted Colors:

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