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American Wirehair (Cat)

American Wirehair (AW) are natural American breed of medium to large size with the female being smaller in size.

The American Shorthair (AS) and the American Wirehair (AW) are natural American breeds of medium to large size with the female being smaller in size. The head and body type are the same in both breeds with the distinguishing feature being the unique coarse crimped coat of the Wirehair. The hard, resilient coat of the American Shorthair translates to the dense coat of crimped, coarse hair of the American Wirehair.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The American Shorthair and American Wirehair are medium-to-large in size. The body should be well-knit and powerful with well-developed chest and hindquarters, especially in the males. Females are of proportionally smaller size and allowance must be made. The head is broad, with
cheeks especially well-developed in studs. The nose and face are medium-short, with eyes and ears set wide apart. The muzzle should present a squarish aspect, but should not be foreshortened.

Length:Short, even coat.
Texture (AS):Hard, natural protective appearance, lustrous but close-lying.
Texture (AW):Very dense, resilient, coarse, with crimped hair. The overall springy appearance is of more importance than the crimping of each hair. The points are weighted in this section for the appropriate coat.
Pattern and Color:In the colors with pattern, color and pattern are weighted equally. The clarity of markings in patterns is desirable per color descriptions.

Balance:While the breed is considered medium to large in size, balance and proportion are to be considered of greater consequence. No part of the cat should look out of balance with any other part. Allowance is to be made for smaller size in females.
Condition:Weight, coat condition, general appearance of the cat represents good condition.

Eye color not completely green in silvers, or not gold in browns. Long, pointed ears or ears set too close together. Neck that is too short and thick or too long and slender (snaky). The tail should not be thin, whip-like, too short and thick or carried over the back in a squirrel fashion. The body should not be foreshortened and stocky nor long and sleek foreign). The coat should not be fine, thin or long, and should not have a fluffy texture. The hindquarters should not be weak. No part of the cat should look out of balance with any other part.

White buttons or lockets in the Solid Division; incorrect coat in the American Wirehair.

Shape:Broad, medium size, rounded, rounded skull, cheeks well developed in studs.
Ears:Medium size, not too large at base, wide-set, rounded at tips.
Eyes:Color and shape are valued equally; rounded, medium to large, wide set, at a slight angle with rounded aperture, eye color to conform with coat color, clarity of eye color desirable.
Chin:Full, strong chin completes squarish effect of the muzzle.
Muzzle:Medium-short muzzle with squarish appearance.
Profile:With a modified stop.
Neck:In proportion to body, medium-short, neither too short and thick no too long and thin.

Torso:Medium in length, rectangular in shape rather than slender but well rounded and in proportion, broad chest, especially in males, allowance is to be made for females being proportionally smaller than males.
Legs:Medium in proportion to body.
Feet:Medium, rounded.
Tail:Medium length, thicker at base, tapering from well-rounded rump to a rounded tip. Taper is slight, neither blunt nor pointed, carried almost level with back, in proportion to body.
Musculature:Well-knit, firm muscle tone, hard, not soft or flabby.