Kanaani (Cat)

Kanaani (Cat) is a medium to large sized cat, displaying the look of an athletic, well-muscled, yet graceful animal.

Body: Medium to large sized cat, displaying the look of an athletic, well-muscled, yet graceful animal. The legs are also muscular and long ; paws compact and oval; tail long, rather strong at base and tapering.

Head: Placed on a slender, relatively long neck, in the shape of a broad triangle, with large wide set ears; the space between the ears to be not less than the width of an ear at its base. Flat plane between the ears. The cheek bones are visible. No pinch. The slightly domed forehead is continued by a straight nose without any evidence of stop. Muzzle slightly flattened; strong chin.

Ears: Large, wide at the base and pointed; lynx tips desired; set upright and wide apart; thumb print.

Eyes: Large, almond shaped; set wide apart and slightly slanted . The eye colour is always green in adults; yellow-green is tolerated.

Coat: Short, close-lying with little undercoat. The texture is coarse rather than fine Siamese-like. The hair is long enough to display ticking in the ground colour as well as in the patter. The ticking is essential but not as pronounced as to let the spots disappear.

Colour Varieties: Black, chocolate and cinnamon pattern on the beige or cinnamon ground colour, softened by ticking. Spotted and marbled are the allowed patterns. Silver in any variant is not allowed.

Faults: Oriental appearance.

Notes: The following outcrosses are allowed: Kanaani, spotted varieties of the Felis Lybica, spotted Bengal Cats and spotted OSH of the old type. This rule is valid until 2005. Kittens born after 01.01.2006 may only have Kanaani as parents. This period is extended until 01.01.2008

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Photo: Kanaani (Cat)
Kanaani (Cat)

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