Havana brown (cat)

The havana brown is a firm, muscular cat of medium length and stands with a level back.

General: The Havana Brown is a firm, muscular cat of medium length and stands with a level back. The head is longer than it is wide, narrowing to a rounded muzzle. The coat of the Havana is a rich even shade of reddish brown with the appearance of warmth and a pronounced glossy sheen. The Havana is well balanced, symmetrical and of pleasing lines.

Head: Viewed from above; longer than it is wide; narrows to a rounded muzzle with a break, or indention, on either side behind the whisker pads. The somewhat narrow muzzle and whisker break are distinctive characteristics of the breed and will be evident in a typical specimen. Allow for stud jowls in males. Viewed in profile; there is a distinct stop at the eyes; the end of the muzzle appears almost square, illusion is heightened by a well developed chin, the profile outline of which is more square than round. Allow for sparse hair on chin.

Ears: The ears are large and round-tipped, with very little hair inside or out; wide-set but not flaring; pricked slightly forward, lending the cat an aspect of alertness.

Eyes: Shape; neither round nor oriental, but oval-shaped. Color; any vivid and level shade of green, the deeper the color the better. Allow for changing eye color in kittens.

Body and Neck: The body should be firm and muscular, and of medium length; front and hind leg proportions present a level back. The neck is medium in length and in proportion to the body.

Legs and Feet: The typey specimen stands relatively high on its legs for a cat of medium proportions in trunk and tail; however, this characteristic must not be exaggerated to a freakish dimension. Legs are straight. Legs of females are slim and dainty. As is to be expected, slenderness and length of leg will be less evident in the more powerfully muscled, mature males. Paws are oval and compact. Five toes in front and four in back.

Tail: It is neither long nor short, but medium in length, and in proportion to the body. The tail is slender, neither whip-like nor blunt. Not too broad at the base, it tapers at the end.

Color: The coat is a rich and even shade of warm brown throughout; color tends toward red-brown rather than black-brown or sable; coat must not be so dark as to eclipse the warmth and richness of color which distinguishes the breed. Whiskers are the same shade of brown as the coat. Nose leather is brown with a rosy flush. The foot pads must have a rosy tone. Allow for ghost tabby marks in kittens.

Coat: Neither open or extremely close lying, the coat is short and smooth.

Condition: A well-conditioned specimen is clear-eyed and firm of body, without being fat or thin. The coat should have a pronounced sheen.

Balance: Disposition; the cat should be gentle and amenable to handling. Appearance; each separate physical part should be in perfect proportion to the whole cat, resulting in a well-balanced animal of symmetrical and pleasing lines.

Accepted Colors:

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Photo: Havana brown (cat)
Havana brown (cat)

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