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Dog breeds: Sighthounds Afghan hound (Dog standard) - Afghan hound gives the impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and power. head held proudly.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Azawakh (Dog standard) - Azawakh is an african sighthound of afro-asian type which appeared in europe towards 1970 and comes from the nigerian middle basin, among others from the valley of the azawakh.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Borzoi - russian hunting sighthound (Dog standard) - The russkaya psovaya borzaya has been an integral part of the national culture and russian history for 9 centuries.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Greyhound (Dog standard) - Greyhound is a strongly built, upstanding, of generous proportions, muscular power and symmetrical formation, with long head and neck, clean well laid shoulders, deep chest, capacious body, arched loin, powerful quarters, sound legs and feet, and a suppleness of limb, which emphasise in a marked degree its distinctive type and quality.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Hungarian greyhound (Dog standard) - Hungarian greyhound is a hunting and coursing dog which hunts the game by sight. his nose is nevertheless noteworthy.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Irish wolfhound (Dog standard) - The irish wolfhound should not be quite so heavy or massive as the great dane, but more so than the deerhound, which in general type he should otherwise resemble.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Italian greyhound (Dog standard) - The little italian greyhound descends from small-sized greyhounds which already existed in ancient egypt at the court of the pharaohs.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Polish greyhound (Dog standard) - The polish greyhound is a dog of great size, powerful, muscular, definitely stronger and less fine in shape than the other short-haired sighthounds (he must not, however, be heavy nor lethargic).
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Saluki (Dog standard) - Salukis vary in type and the variation is desired and typical for the breed.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Scottish deerhound (Dog standard) - Deerhound is a resembles a roughcoated greyhound of larger size and bone.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Sloughi (Dog standard) - The sloughi has existed for many centuries in north africa.
Dog breeds: Sighthounds Spanish greyhound (Dog standard) - Spanish greyhound is a dog hunting the hare in fast pursuit in open fields, being directed by his sight.
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