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Dog breeds: shepherd Australian cattle dog (Dog standard) - The cattle dog’s loyalty and protective instincts make it a self-appointed guardian to the stockman, his herd and his property.
Dog breeds: shepherd Australian kelpie (Dog standard) - The kelpie is extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent, with a mild, tractable disposition and an almost inexhaustible energy, with marked loyalty and devotion to duty.
Dog breeds: shepherd Australian shepherd (Dog standard) - The australian shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts.
Dog breeds: shepherd Australian terrier (Dog standard) - Australian terrier is a sturdy low-set dog, rather long in proportion to height with strong terrier character, alertness, activity and soundness.
Dog breeds: shepherd Bearded collie (Dog standard) - The bearded collie should be alert, lively, self-confident and active.
Dog breeds: shepherd Border collie (Dog standard) - Border collie is a keen, alert, responsive and intelligent dog. neither nervous nor aggressive.
Dog breeds: shepherd Bouvier des ardennes (Dog standard) - Bouvier des ardennes has always been called the cowdog in the belgian ardennes and been selected for its abilities.
Dog breeds: shepherd Briard (Dog standard) - Briard is a hardy dog, supple, muscular and well proportioned, of vigorous movement, balanced temperament, neither aggressive nor timid.
Dog breeds: shepherd Caucasian shepherd (Dog standard) - Caucasian shepherd is a robust, even coarse, with a massive bone structure and strong musculature dog.
Dog breeds: shepherd Croatian shepherd dog (Dog standard) - The croatian shepherd dog is at the lower limit of the medium sized dogs.
Dog breeds: shepherd Majorca shepherd dog (Dog standard) - Majorca shepherd dog is a intelligent and thoughtful, protective dog
Dog breeds: shepherd Polish lowland sheepdog (Dog standard) - The polish lowland sheepdog is a dog of medium size, compact, strong, muscular, with a thick long coat.
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