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Dog breeds: north Alaskan malamute (Dog standard) - The alaskan malamute, one of the oldest arctic sledge dogs, is a powerful and substantially built dog with deep chest and strong, well-muscled body.
Dog breeds: north East siberian laika (Dog standard) - East siberian laika is a bred in the forest zone of eastern siberia and the far east from a cross between ewenkian, lamutskian, amur and other types of laiki.
Dog breeds: north Finnish lapphund (Dog standard) - Finnish lapphund is a smaller than medium sized, the conformation is strong for the size, slightly longer than the height at the withers.
Dog breeds: north Finnish spitz (Dog standard) - Lively, vigorous, brave and determined. possibly a little reserved towards strangers, but never vicious.
Dog breeds: north Greenland dog (Dog standard) - Greenland dog is a very strong polar spitz, built for endurance and strenuous work as a sledge dog under arctic conditions.
Dog breeds: north Icelandic sheepdog (Dog standard) - The icelandic sheepdog is icelandís only native dog.
Dog breeds: north Jamthund (Dog standard) - Jamthund was only recognised in 1946, although it is a very ancient type of dog that has been known since the north of sweden was populated.
Dog breeds: north Karelian bear dog (Dog standard) - Karelian bear dog is a dog mainly for elk and bear hunting, holds the game at bay.
Dog breeds: north Lapponian herder (Dog standard) - Lapponian herder is a docile, calm, friendly, energetic and willing to serve. barks readily when working.
Dog breeds: north Norrbottenspitz (Dog standard) - Norrbottenspitz is a small, squarish spitzdog, tightly built, with dry, powerful muscles.
Dog breeds: north Norwegian buhund (Dog standard) - Norwegian buhund is a typical spitz, a little under middle size, squarely built with an alert and frank expression.
Dog breeds: north Norwegian elkhound black (Dog standard) - Norwegian elkhound black is a typical spitz, squarely built, black hair lying rather close to the body, erect pointed ears, tail curled over the back. proud rise of neck, muscular and athletic.
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