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Dog breeds: hunting Afghan hound (Dog standard) - Afghan hound gives the impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and power. head held proudly.
We are looking this photo. HELP ! American cocker spaniel (Dog standard) - The american cocker spaniel is the smallest member of the sporting group.
Dog breeds: hunting American foxhound (Dog standard) - American foxhound is a moderately long, muscular and strong.
Dog breeds: hunting American water spaniel (Dog standard) - American water spaniel is an active muscular dog, medium in size with a marcel to curly coat.
Dog breeds: hunting Ariege pointing dog (Dog standard) - The ariege pointer is issued from the old french braques, which in the 19th century, were crossed with braques of meridional (southern) stock of white and orange coat, to give them more lightness and activity.
Dog breeds: hunting Ariege-hound (Dog standard) - Ariege-hound is a light dog, medium size, elegant and distinguished.
Dog breeds: hunting Artois hound (Dog standard) - The artois hound is a briquet (small type), nowadays especially used in hunting with the gun.
Dog breeds: hunting Austrian black and tan hound (Dog standard) - Austrian black and tan hound has sensitive nose; giving tongue, above all, for hare; tracking firmly and willingly with agreeable temperament.
Dog breeds: hunting Auvergne pointer (Dog standard) - The auvergne pointer is a very ancient breed, present in the cantal region for more than two centuries.
Dog breeds: hunting Azawakh (Dog standard) - Azawakh is an african sighthound of afro-asian type which appeared in europe towards 1970 and comes from the nigerian middle basin, among others from the valley of the azawakh.
Dog breeds: hunting Basset hound (Dog standard) - Basset hound is a short-legged hound of considerable substance, well balanced, full of quality. a certain amount of loose skin desirable.
Dog breeds: hunting Bavarian mountain scenthound (Dog standard) - Bavarian mountain scenthound is a calm and balanced, devoted to his owner, reserved with strangers. required is a sound, self assured, unafraid, biddable dog, neither shy nor aggressive.
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