City (town): Ath Thamamiyah: map, population, location

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Latitude of Ath Thamamiyah:

23,5650 (2333'54.000"N)

Longitude of Ath Thamamiyah:

43,5419 (4332'30.840"E)

Altitude of Ath Thamamiyah:

923 m


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Distance from city Ath Thamamiyah to 25 biggest cities of country:

Distance (Km)
 Ath Thamamiyah - Riyadh  349 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Jiddah  499 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Medina  411 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Jaizan  750 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Mecca  450 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Sultanah  415 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Ad Dammam  735 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Gabouk  878 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Khamis Mushayt  591 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Tabuk  878 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Buraydah  311 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Hofuf  644 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Al Mubarraz  645 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Ainain  724 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Yanbu` Al Bahr  562 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - `ar`ar  862 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Abha  605 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Sakaka  785 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Najran  681 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Djayzan  750 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Al Qurayyat  1 058 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Dhahran  731 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - El Katif  731 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Sakakah  785 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Al Bahah  449 km

Distance from city: Ath Thamamiyah to Top 10 cities of the world

Distance (Km)
 Ath Thamamiyah - Berlin  4 090 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - London  4 806 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Los Angeles  13 327 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Moscow  3 538 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - New York  10 442 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Paris  4 546 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Peking  6 919 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Rio De Janeiro  10 639 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Sydney  12 973 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Tokyo  9 000 km
 Ath Thamamiyah - Prague  3 896 km

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