Celtic shorthair (cat)

Celtic shorthair (cat) is a medium to large sized cat, strong and muscular, not too compact, but supple.

Body: Medium to large sized cat, strong and muscular, not too compact, but supple. Rounded, well developed rib cage. Strong, powerful legs of medium length, evenly tapering towards firm round paws. Tail medium in length, broad at base, slightly tapering with rounded tip.

Head: Broad skull giving a rounded impression, slightly longer than wide. Nose straight, medium length, same width for entire length. Distinctly curved profile. Neck medium in length and muscular.

Ears: Medium size, slightly rounded at tips, may be tufted; set wide and nearly upright; height approximately equal to width at base.

Eyes: Rounded and open, set wide apart and slightly slanted; eye colour to be uniform and harmonizing with the coat colour.

Coat: Short, dense, firm and glossy.

Colour Varieties: Chocolate and cinnamon and the according diluted colours (lilac and fawn) are not accepted in any pattern combinations (bi-colour, tri-colour, tabby). Also, the c s -factor is not accepted. Any other colour is accepted, the descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.

Faults: The Celtic Shorthair corresponds to an average European domestic cat, developed naturally, i.e. without any deliberate breeding selection. It is taken for granted, that the "ideal" Celtic Shorthair
is absolutely free of any hybridization.

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Photo: Celtic shorthair (cat)
Celtic shorthair (cat)

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