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Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Abyssinian (cat) - The abyssinian is the short-haired version of the somali, with the exception of the coat length; they are the same cat.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Bengal (Cat) - The Bengal Cat is a hybrid breed of cat that was created to resemble and preserve the Exotic look of some of the cats found in the wild (Asian Leopard cat, Snow Leopard, and the Marble cat).
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Birman (cat) - The birman is a longhaired, long (but heavy boned) cat which strikes a happy medium between the extremes of the cobby, heavy boned cats and long fine boned cats.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali British Shorthair (Cat) - The British Shorthair is a medium to large almost square cat.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Burmese (Cat) - The overall impression of the ideal Burmese would be a cat of medium size and rich, solid color with substantial bone structure, good muscular development and a surprising weight for its size.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Burmilla (Cat) - Burmilla (Cat) is an elegant cat of foreign type
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Chartreux (cat) - Being a large cat, the Chartreux male may weigh from 10-14 pounds.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Cornish Rex (Cat) - A Cornish Rex is a curly-coated, fineboned cat that stands high on its legs.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Devon Rex (Cat) - The Devon Rex is a breed of unique appearance. Its large eyes, moderately short muzzle, huge low set ears and prominent cheekbones, create a characteristic Pixie look.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali Egyptian Mau (Cat) - The Egyptian Mau is the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cat. The Egyptian's impression should be one of an active, colorful cat of medium size with well developed muscles.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali European Shorthair (Cat) - The European can be compared to the kind of domestic cat, which has developed naturally, i.e. without having been subjected to special rules for breeding.
Cats: Category III - Shorthair & somali German rex (Cat) - German rex (Cat) is a medium sized cat, muscular and athletic without looking plump; legs also muscular and of medium length, paws oval.

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