British Shorthair (Cat)

The British Shorthair is a medium to large almost square cat.

General: The British Shorthair is a medium to large almost square cat. It is a sturdy, cat, well knit and powerful with a broad, rounded chest. The head is broad with well rounded contours when viewed from any angle, with full cheeks, giving a chubby appearance, with a short, broad nose. Overall appearance of this breed with its short bull neck, standing on strong muscular legs and well rounded paws, is that of a solid, muscular cat, with no fat on its body, pleasing to the eye and very amenable to handling.

Head: The head is broad with well-rounded contours when viewed from any angle. Full cheeks give a chubby appearance. Nose short and broad but not snub nosed. Good muzzle.

Ears: Medium in size and set wide apart but not extreme. Broad at base and rounded tip.

Neck: Short and bull like, particularly in males.

Eyes: Large, round and well opened. Set to show breadth of nose. Eye color must conform to requirement for coat color. see American Shorthair.

Body: Medium to large. Almost square and very sturdy. Shoulders at withers broad and flat. Hips same width as shoulders. Chest broad and rounded. Body well knit and powerful especially in males.

Legs and Feet: Legs strong and muscular. Feet well rounded, not splayed. Five toes in front and four in rear.

Tail: Length in proportion to the body. Thick at base with a slight taper. Well set to carry almost level with the back.

Color: For cats with special markings points are divided equally: 10 for color; 10 for markings.

Coat: Five points for length and five points for texture. Coat should be short, well bodied and firm to the touch. Not double coated or woolly. Dense with a natural protective appearance.

Condition: Muscular. No indication of fat or flabbiness.

Undesirable: Open coat, light undercoat. Wrong eye color: Green is wrong eye color for coat colors that require deep orange; deep orange is the wrong eye color for coat colors requiring green eyes.

Accepted Colors:
Blue Eyed White
Blue McTabby
Cream Spotted
Orange Eyed White
Red McTabby
Brown Spotted
Odd Eyed White
Cream McTabby
Brown McTabby
Chinchilla Silver
Cameo McTabby
Shaded Silver
Silver McTabby
Shell Cameo
Shaded Cameo
Blue Tabby
Red Tabby
Blue Smoke
Cream Tabby
Black Smoke
Brown Tabby
Cameo Smoke
Cameo Tabby
Blue Spotted
Silver Tabby
Red Spotted

All accepted colors & White

Revised 7/93

Source: AACE >>>

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Photo: British Shorthair (Cat)
British Shorthair (Cat)

Photo: British Shorthair (Cat)
British Shorthair (Cat)

Photo: British Shorthair (Cat)
British Shorthair (Cat)

Photo: British Shorthair (Cat)
British Shorthair (Cat)

Photo: British Shorthair (Cat)
British Shorthair (Cat)

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