Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak (Dog standard)

Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak is a well working scenthound, resistant and persistant, with a sonorous high sounding voice, sometimes deep-voiced.

FCI-Standard N° 155/ 01. 04. 1996 / GB

(Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonič-Barak)

TRANSLATION : Mrs. Peggy Davis.

ORIGIN : Bosnija.


UTILIZATION : Well working scenthound, resistant and persistant, with a sonorous high sounding voice, sometimes deep-voiced.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 6 Scenthounds and related breeds.
Section 1.2 Medium sized Hounds.
With working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : This breed was registered with the F.C.I. on the 19th June 1965, under Standard n° 155 and under the name of Illyrian Hound. In the present standard, apart from a few complements and corrections, the name of the breed is changed to « Bosnian Broken-Haired Hound - called Barak ».
GENERAL APPEARANCE : Robust dog; its coat is long and shaggy; head long and moderately broad, eyebrows pronounced and bushy. The expression serious, severe but playful. The basic colour is reddish-yellow or earthy grey with white markings on the lower parts.

The length of the body must exceed the height at the withers by 10%.

BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT : Lively temperament, courageous and persistant dog.


GENERALLY : Seen in profile the occipital protuberance well pronounced, the forehead slightly convex, moderate stop, nasal bridge straight. Muzzle in rectangle shape, covered with a bushy moustache and beard. Seen from above the head is of medium width narrowing towards the nose. The muzzle is a little longer than the skull. The total length of the head is about 20 to 25 cm.

Skull : Superciliary arches very pronounced. Frontal furrow reveals itself to the touch as moderately developed.
Stop : In gentle slope.

Nose : Large, nostrils well developed, black or dark brown.
Muzzle : Strong, long, deep, wider at the base, narrowing towards the nose.
Lips : Tight and somewhat thick.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth strong; scissor bite, dentition complete.
Eyes : Large, oval, chestnut brown, intelligent and playful expression.
Leathers : Moderately high set, medium long and broad. Pendulous, quite thick, getting finer and rounded at their tip.

Profile : The insertion with the head shows a pronounced demarcation. The neck is oblique from top to bottom.
Shape : Medium width, increases in depth towards the chest. Muscular.
Skin : Tight fitting, supple and covered with dense hair.

Generally : The topline runs in a gentle slope towards the croup.
Withers : Moderately pronounced.
Back : Broad and muscular.
Lumbar region : Short and muscular.
Croup : Slightly oblique and broad (especially in the female). Hipbones hardly apparent.
Chest : Long, medium width; ribs slightly rounded, in depth reaching; at least to the elbows. Brisket fairly broad.
Belly and flanks : Belly slightly tucked up.

TAIL : Well set on, thicker at its base, finer towards the tip and reaching the hock or slightly beyond. Carried slightly curved upwards scimitar like. Very hairy.


Generally : Forelegs vertical, straight and parallel, seen in profile and from the front.
Shoulder : Long, oblique and muscular.
Scapular-humeral angle : Must be of 90°.
Upper arm : Long and muscular. The elbows are fairly close to the body.
Forearm : Vertical, straight, muscular and strong.
Pastern-joint : Hardly apparent.
Pastern : Short, vertical or slightly oblique forming an angle up to 10° with the vertical.
Forefeet : Cat feet, toes well-knit, pads hard, nails strong and well pigmented.

Generally : Hindlegs vertical and parallel seen in profile and from behind.
Upper thigh : Of medium length, broad and muscular.
Lower thigh : Strong, long, oblique and muscular.
Hock joint : Strong and well positioned.
Hock : Perpendicular to the ground, short and strong.
Hind feet : As the front feet but a little longer.

GAIT/MOVEMENT : Long and energetic strides.

SKIN : Of medium thickness, elastic, tight fitting, well pigmented and covered with a dense coat.


HAIR : Long, hard, shaggy, tousled, with a dense undercoat.

COLOUR : Basic colour can be wheaten yellow, reddish yellow, earthy grey or blackish. White markings are often found on the head (star, blaze on head), under the throat, below the neck, on and under the chest, the lower parts of the legs and on the tip of the tail. The colour can be combined in bicolour or tricolour.

Height at the withers : From 46 to 56 cm, ideal height 52 cm.
The females are little smaller.
Weight : From 16 to 24 kg, ideal weight 20 kg.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Insufficient proportions of the different parts.
Light bone structure.
Weak musculature.
Head too long and too heavy.
Pincer bite.
Insufficient pigmentation of eye-rims and lips.
Leathers folded or raised.
Dewlap only slightly pronounced.
Slight saddle back or arched back.
Chest too wide or too narrow.
Unsoundness of the legs and incorrect articular angulations.
Toes not tight enough; dewclaws.

Aggresive or overly shy.
Marked disproportion among the different parts of the body and especially between the height at the withers and the length of the body.
Head atypical (excessively coarse).
Depigmentation of the nose, the eye-rims and the lips.
Sign of degeneration of dentition (teeth missing) and of jaws.
Eyes very light, wall eyes.
Tail deviated or curled up.
Cow-hocked or bowed legs.
Hair too long, woolly, wavy or curly.
Any other colour than those mentioned, but especially chocolate or black.
Height at the withers insufficient or excessive.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Source: FCI >>>

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Photo: Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak (Dog standard)
Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak (Dog standard)

Photo: Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak (Dog standard)
Bosnian broken-haired hound-called barak (Dog standard)

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