Bengal (Cat)

The Bengal Cat is a hybrid breed of cat that was created to resemble and preserve the Exotic look of some of the cats found in the wild (Asian Leopard cat, Snow Leopard, and the Marble cat).

General: The Bengal Cat is a hybrid breed of cat that was created to resemble and preserve the Exotic look of some of the cats found in the wild (Asian Leopard cat, Snow Leopard, and the Marble cat). While maintaining the loving, dependable temperament of the domestic cat. Keeping this goal in mind, judges shall give special merit to those characteristics in the appearance of the Bengal, which are distinct from those found in other domestic cat breeds.

Head: The shape should be a modified wedge with rounded contours and should be slightly longer than it is wide. It should be slightly small in proportion to body, but not to be taken to extreme. Allowance should be made for jowls in adult males. The profile shows a gentle rising from the forehead to the bridge. The bridge of the nose extends above the eyes and is slightly rounded. The bridge of the nose does not curve inward; there is no stop or break. The nose is large and wide with a slightly puffed nose leather. The muzzle should be full and broad, with large, prominent whisker pads and high, pronounced cheekbones. The chin is firm, and in profile, the lower jaw should lie in the same vertical line as the upper jaw.

Ears: The overall size of the ears should be medium, with a wide base and rounded tips. Set as much on the top as on the side of the head, following the contour of the face in the frontal view, and should point forward in the profile view. White or light colored thumbprints or "ocelli" on the backs of the ears are desirable. Lynx tipping and pointed tips are undesirable.

Eyes: The eyes may be round to slightly oval in shape. Large and expressive, giving a "nocturnal look" to them, but not bugged Set wide apart, back into face, and on a slight bias toward base of the ear. Light spectacles are desirable. For the Brown Spotted and Brown Marble tabbies, eyes may be any color except blue. For the snows, the eyes may be any color including blue, aqua, green, green-gold and gold.

Neck: Thick and muscular, large in proportion to head. Length: Long and in proportion to the body.

Body: Long and substantial, but not oriental or foreign. The muscled shoulders are pronounced, and give the impression of rolling when the Bengal is moving. The back is long and straight. The front quarters set slightly lower than the hindquarters. They are strong and muscled. The boning is solid. The overall size is medium to medium large. Proportion must be maintained regardless of size. The impression of a Bengal is athletic and muscled. The males are larger than the females. Allowance should be made for smaller size and less muscling in females.

Legs & Feet: The legs are solid and muscled, like the body, with large round feet. The length is medium. They should be slightly longer in the back than in the front. The boning should be strong and substantial.

Tail: The tail is medium in length, and medium-large in size. Preference is given to a semi-thick tail that may or may not be tapered at the end with a rounded tip. Rosetting, spotting or distinct ring bands on the tail is desirable. For the Brown Spotted and Brown Marble tabbies, tail tip must be black. For the Snow's, a brown to seal tail tip is only acceptable. Black is not possible in a Snow dilution.

Coat: Short to medium in length with allowance for slightly longer coat in kittens, silky and soft to the touch. Preference is to be given to a close lying coat, except on the tail (which may appear large and thick). Do not fault for a grayish undercoat. Gold or clear "glitter" is highly desirable, but not required. Slight Agouti banding is acceptable in the pattern allowing clear - crisp markings.

Colors/Pattern: Acccepted colors: Brown Spotted tabby, brown marble tabby, spotted sepia, sepia marble, seal lynx point, seal mink tabby, seal sepia tabby.

Condition and Balance: The overall appearance should radiate good health; eyes should be clear and coat and body tone should reflect health.

Penalize: Spots on body running together, vertically forming a mackerel tabby pattern, circular bulls-eye pattern on marbles, substantially darker point color (as compared to color of body markings) on snows. Any distinct lockets on the neck, chest, abdomen or any other area not provided for in the standard. A small, hardly noticeable, cartilage bend at the tail tip. Note: Do not fault for very light bellies with distinct markings.

NFA: Agressive behaviorwhich threatens to harm. Belly not spotted. Visible tail kinks. Large or small visible lockets. Extreme Mackerel alignment. Tail tip red, cream, blue, lilac or white. Solid colors or torbie patterns.

Accepted Colors:
Brown Spotted Tabby
Brown Marble Tabby
Seal Lynx Point
Spotted Sepia
Sepia Marble Tabby
Seal Mink Tabby
Seal Sepia Tabby

Source: AACE >>>

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Photo: Bengal (Cat)
Bengal (Cat)

Photo: Bengal (Cat)
Bengal (Cat)

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